Why We Couldn’t Be Without Nurses

Posted about 3 years ago

There is no doubt about it, nursing is a challenging career but rewarding career. It demands resilience, compassion and both medical and technological knowledge. The nursing profession has been described as ‘hospitality in hospitals’ or ‘the heart in healthcare’ but they are essential to Britain and here’s why…

Nurses are compassionate and caring

One of the qualities that is most associated with nurses is compassion; nurses show compassion well. According to a survey by Ipsos Mori (2016) 93% of people reported that they trusted nurses and that nursing was the most trustworthy profession. With physical illness comes mental struggle and nurses are able to provide compassion during this difficult time. When clients need more than just physical and medical care, nurses will provide this emotional support to them and their families, in the many different environments in which they work and bolster their mental well-being as well as helping them make a physical recovery.

It is the responsibility of the nurse to administer the treatment correctly, ensure that it is having a healing effect and that there are no negative side effects.

Nurses will care for their clients from their first consultation through to their recovery. They are usually the first person to respond when the clients’ conditions deteriorate, and they have to perform CPR or send for a ‘crash’ team.

Nurses are translators

To be a nurse you have to study for years and you will continue to learn throughout your career. When a client is given a diagnosis and told about the treatments available, they can often feel overwhelmed. As a nurse it is part of your role to act as translator and help to explain the medical and technical terminology ensuring the client understands the situation.

In nursing you have to be an excellent communicator as well as being approachable so that the client and their families understand the situation and comfort those who are distressed; calm those who are angry and to ensure everyone is well-informed.

Nurses are teachers

Allied healthcare nurses help their clients to understand their illnesses they help to translate medical terminology into layman’s terms. This helps the clients to understand their illnesses and how to prevent further health problems. Nurses act as teachers to their clients, their families and to the public. They are educators who help us take care of our physical and mental well-being.

Nurses are creative problem-solvers

Every day is different in nursing, bringing new challenges. No two days are ever the same. At all times nurses must remain rational and cool headed in emergencies, they must be unshakable. They must be a pillar of support and calm; ensuring everything is running smoothly no matter the situation.

Nurses are multitaskers

Every shift our nurses do all of the above and more. Their job is to comfort people through their pain and distress, they manage and delegate, act fast when it is needed. They save and improve lives whenever they can.

Without the nursing profession, the NHS and private healthcare systems would fall apart…. healthcare would be without its heart.

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