Road safety week

Posted about 2 years ago

For Road Safety week we are highlighting what you can do to improve your safety on the road in winter conditions.

With the winter weather drawing in, roads will soon become more hazardous with snow, ice, rain, fog, high winds and winter sun. This is why it’s important to make sure you are prepared, so we have compiled some winter driving tips.

Keep your distance

When driving in difficult conditions such as heavy rain and especially snow and ice, the stopping distance of your car significantly increases. To accommodate for this, it’s important to leave more room than usual to the car in front.

Take your time

Driving during the winter and through tough conditions can be difficult, so it is important to allow yourself more time than usual to get to your destination so that you can take more care when driving.

Be prepared

It isn’t just the snow and ice that can be hazardous. Heavy rain, fog and strong winds can cause just as much difficulty to drivers, so it is important to be prepared. Keep two hands on the wheel where possible, reduce your speed and take precautions, such as leaving that bit earlier.

Check your car

It is important to make sure your car is always in perfect working order, this is especially true in the winter. Make sure your lights are working properly as snow, rain, fog and early nights means you will use your lights more than usual. Check your tyres are of the correct tread depth. Finding grip in wintery conditions is much more difficult than on an ordinary day, so having tyres with the correct tread could make all the difference.

Carry a breakdown kit

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of waiting for a recovery vehicle, it’s important you have the essentials in your car such as, a blanket if you have no heating, a torch, a charged phone and some food and water.

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