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Urgent care centres

Primecare’s first class clinical response and primary care centres have enabled us to become a high performing provider of urgent GP services across the country. We are commissioned by Clinical Commissioning Groups in England.

Our services manage adults and children with minor injuries and illness. This includes insect bites and stings, minor burns and scalds, cuts and bruises, infected wounds and suspected fractures. Our urgent care services provide commissioners with the comfort that patients have round the clock access to health care services, without having to attend emergency departments at the local hospital.

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GP out of hours services

We work closely with NHS 111 providers and offer patients clinical advice throughout the out-of-hours period. In addition, patients can book appointments to be treated. Where appropriate we will provide home visits.

We work in partnership with GP practices, A&E departments and NHS 111. This ensures patients get the right health information and treatment at the right time, working through the night and at weekends. We support GP practices with their telephone calls during the day. We also provide primary care services for patients when their GP practices are closed for training.

Our highly trained doctors, nurses and care coordinators help with around 1.6 million calls from patients every year.

In some areas we provide a single point of access for a number of different services. This includes GP out of hours care and emergency social care. We also provide overnight and weekend district nursing services supporting patients in their own homes.

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Healthcare in secure settings

Primecare provides healthcare services in a number of secure settings, for example, prisons.

We offer a range of primary care services. This includes services to avoid hospital transfer, mental health in-reach and integrated drug treatment systems.

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End of life care

Primecare’s end of life service provides both care and compassion for patients and their families. It allows them the choice to receive care in their preferred place of residency away from hospital. We manage complex care packages for patients to prevent avoidable admissions and support patient discharge.

End of life care comprises of a single point of access telephone service, a care coordination centre and a nurse-led health care service. This is a rapid response service.

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Telephone health services

Primecare also provides a range of healthcare telephony services across the UK. This includes telephone clinical triage and health advice service.

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