June’s Employee of the Month

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Congratulations to all our care staff who have won Care Worker of the Month award for June! Every month, our Branch Managers select one care worker who had gone above and beyond in their role.

Well done to all the winners!

Sophie Dudgeon – East Lothian

Sophie recently joined our team as a Care Assistant and was faced with a challenging situation with a client and faced the situation calmly and professionally, well done Sophie!

Stephanie Johnstone – Greenock

Stephanie is a pleasant person and regularly received positive feedback from our clients. Amazing work Stephanie.

Emma Graham – Isle of Bute

Emma attended a call where the client had fallen over and required paramedics. Once the paramedics left and the client was okay Emma had no more calls, so in her own time when call was finished she sat with the client to give her reassurance and keep her calm until family could attend. Emma has a very caring nature and brings great qualities to the job. Emma had never done care before starting with the company.

Fiona Watkins – Lanarkshire

Fiona always works hard to provide a high level of care to all of her clients in the South Lanarkshire area. Fiona communicates and engages well with all clients and their families. If Fiona is asked to carry out an extra task by a client or family member she will do so where possible. Fiona always has a positive attitude and will always discuss solutions to any issues or problems that she may be faced with.

Ceinwen Pughe – Bangor

Ceinwen has been a massive support to her team members and branch whist her client has been going through a challenging time and displaying challenging behaviours. She has empowered the whole team and a new member of staff.

Chloe Rogers – Barry

Chloe is a new member of staff and has gained experience quickly and shows dedication. She has some challenging clients and has taken the time to understand their different needs. She takes time to ensure that the client gets the care they need. The District Nurse called the branch regarding Chloe and said that she is an excellent care assistant who has gone above and beyond. Another client has also informed the branch that Chloe is an excellent care assistant and will sit and chat to her and listen to how she is feeling.

Fiona Kenworthy – Colwyn Bay

Fiona supports one of our gentleman three evenings a week, waking nights, and has done since her start date in January this year. This gentleman was very nervous in the beginning to accept carers to support him but family were so concerned with his overnight welfare that he decided to accept the help. With Fiona’s patience, promotion of dignity and continuity of care the client now calls his two night carers “his girls”. In addition to what the call entails, Fiona is a baker by trade and bakes the client some wonderful cakes and she is also now known as “his cake lady”. The daughter commented on how the support has empowered her father to remain at home, knowing he is cared for at the highest standard and his carers liaise with her of any additional needs he may have. Fiona has taken the lead in this call and slowly but surely has gained this gentleman’s trust to a point now where he is considering 24 hour care, 6 months ago he was resistant to even let a carer cross his doorstep.

Well done Fiona you should be very proud of your achievement.

Faith Reuter – Dolgellau

Faith has gone above and beyond to provide care and commitment to her clients this month. Excellent work Faith.

Paige Webb – Ebbw Vale

Paige has is proven herself to be a naturally caring person and has built meaningful relationships with all her clients. Paige has been a very dedicated and reliable member of staff and during this particularly difficult time has been reliable and ensured all her clients receive continuity of care. Paige has taken responsibility for her own development to enable her to develop her knowledge and skills to allow a greater understanding of the clients we care for.

We have received excellent feedback from her assessor stating how well Paige has progressed and despite starting this at the beginning of the pandemic Paige has almost completed her QCF Level 3. Paige has been a great support to the branch by supporting with on-call duties and on occasions at short notice. The branch team would like to thank Paige for all her support, not only is your hard work recognised by all your customers but also your work colleagues too!

Flora Glackin – Shrewsbury

Flora is great at listening to instruction and brings out her skills and leadership when care coaching new carers in a dignified way.

Clare Ferrie – Wirral

Clare has a very kind and dignified manner when delivering care, showing her thoughtful caring nature. She always goes above and beyond and is a great asset to the team. Well done Clare for all your hard work.

Barbara Darnell – Durham

Barbara has been a member of the Allied Team since February 2017. Barbara supports one of our most complex, clinical clients and is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced carer. Barbara was nominated for this award not only for her commitment to her client, but also for the excellent leadership skills she has demonstrated whilst training new staff to support our client. The client’s next of kin left this amazing feedback for Barbara.

“I just wanted to acknowledge the fantastic care Barbara has consistently given to our son. We have had quite a time with staff absence through no fault of the carers and during this time we had 2 new carers introduced to cover night shifts. Barbara has worked tirelessly, not only picking up shifts but also doing the lion’s share of training with the new staff. Our thanks go to her as never once has she complained or dropped her standard of care. Barbara is a real credit to Allied. We cannot praise her highly enough. People like Barbara are who allow myself and my partner to have a rest and break having the confidence knowing our son is in safe hands and receiving the best care he can. Our son, although non-verbal shows his liking for Barbara each and every time she is working with him”.

Mary Elliot – Sunderland

Mary visits a particular client three times every day. Recently this client has been diagnosed with facial cancer, Mary has sat with her and talked her through every step of her treatment, leading up to surgery. The client also has a eating disorder and it has been extremely difficult to get her to eat and drink healthily. Mary has supported this, putting in a fluid and nutrition chart to encourage the client to eat and drink. She went to the shop and bought her new clothes and nightwear to go into hospital and has helped her to clean up her flat. In the three months Mary has been this client’s main carer her social worker has emailed to compliment Mary on her outstanding care, going above and beyond what is expected of her every day.

Dawn Murrell – Brighton & Hove

Dawn had not worked in care before and has proven herself in a complex care package working the night shift to be conscientious, reliable and eager to learn. Well done Dawn and thank you!

Shirma Begum – Havering

Shirma has a professional approach and demonstrates a willingness to support other carers. She supports clients to a high level ensuring health and well-being is met.

Sharlene Ewere-Boorer – Liphook

Sharlene has recently transitioned into Children’s Clinical Care. Sharlene has been able to quickly build a relationship with the client and also his family. The family have reported that they are confident and happy with the care they receive from Sharlene and feels she is a great fit. She listens, is calm and is very respectful to the family and client. She is very new to clinical and this is her first time in a package of this nature. She has learnt quickly and also worked to find solutions and suggested ideas to find a way around a difficult situation. The family and client are happy and now receiving all the carer they require from Sharlene.

Kathleen Trinder – Oxford

Kath goes above and beyond for work colleagues and clients! Kath is caring, compassionate and strives to empower both clients and carers.

Selmar Asghar – Peterborough

Selma is a new member of staff, Selma has been paired with a client with high needs and has been placed in a difficult situation on a couple of occasion with regards to a client having several falls. Selma has listened to the requests from the family and recorded and reported effectively. On one particular occasion the client fell on the balcony when it was extremely hot, Selma acted quickly to help the client until paramedics arrived.

Sharon Oakley – Southampton

Sharon has worked with Allied since 2008 and during this time has gone above and beyond in particular with one of her clients. The client joined Allied in 2014 and Sharon was the first carer to support him and encourage him to accept care and support. The client has Parkinson’s Disease so over the years his health has deteriorated. Sharon has really empowered the client to think about his care, support and needs, assisting him in a dignified manner always allowing and encouraging him to make the decisions with regard to his care and support himself. The client has reached the stage with his care that he needs to transition into an Extra Care Scheme providing 24 hour support, Sharon has been amazing during this time helping and really encouraging him to visit and view as many options to find his ‘forever flat’.  Sharon has been a huge help in assisting the client to identify the pros and cons of each property and has gone out of her way to gain additional information so as she may support and ensure that he makes the best choice for his future needs. Much of the research she has done in her own time. He has now accepted a flat at Erskine Court and Sharon will continue to ensure that the move happens smoothly and assist the client in his transition to Extra Care. Sharon is an exemplary carer who is an excellent example to all other colleagues within Allied with the way she respects, listens and supports all her clients.

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