July’s Care Worker of the Month

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Congratulations to all our care staff who have won Care Worker of the Month award for July! Every month, our Branch Managers select one care worker who had gone above and beyond in their role.

Well done to all the winners!

Rachel Todd – Falkirk

Rachel has gone from strength to strength within her role and has adapted to challenge really well. Both her clients and colleagues praise her and are sure she will become a great leader for new carers joining Allied.

Gladys Clark – Fraserburgh

Gladys joined Allied Health Care in 2017, she is a valued part of the Peterhead care team and her length of service brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Gladys has been nominated by the team for her positive, helpful attitude to her every day. The team recently received the following feedback from a client in the Peterhead area.

“Gladys is a wonderful lady who is worthy of praise for the work she does on behalf of Allied Healthcare. With her cheery greetings as she enters your door, you know you are safe in her care. She is friendly, caring and carries out her duties so efficiently and always asks if she can help in any other way before she leaves. Thank you Gladys BB.”

Gladys leads by example and always puts the needs of the clients first. Gladys is a main stay of the Peterhead team and is very highly thought of and respected by her fellow colleagues and clients alike. An amazing individual with a professional, positive attitude. Always ready to assist the Peterhead team at any time. Gladys is a fantastic individual, an asset to the branch and the Peterhead community she lives in.

Sophie Houston – Houston

Since Sophie’s return to Allied Healthcare, several clients and their families have called the branch to praise Sophie and to pass on their thanks. She has also been requested by clients to attend them.

They report her to be caring, kind and very efficient. She is well liked and gets along well with staff, clients and their families.

Margaret McShane – Isle of Bute

Margaret has been with Allied for 15 years and has dealt with quite a few challenging situations, always dealing with them with care and compassion. We have a client who is reliant on his sister for everything, his sister was in an accident and has been unable to provide care. Margaret stepped in and made sure the client had everything he needed and also kept his sister up to date with things to stop her worrying about her brother.

Aimee Dunbar – Lanarkshire

Aimee continues to provide a high quality of care to all of her clients in Cumbernauld.  Aimee is attentive in carrying out all of her tasks and ensures that when support ing her clients they are given choices at all times.  Aimee is a strong member of the team and supports her colleagues whenever she can.  Aimee has worked through some very difficult shifts over the past month and coped exceptionally well the challenges. Aimee will raise any concerns she has within a group setting and 1-1 and her comments are professional, proactive and fair.

Larisa Jones – Bangor

Larisa has only been with Allied for a short period of time and is working 1-1 with a gentleman who can be challenging at times. The complex needs service have been involved in trying to assess what can be done to help and they have given fantastic feedback about Larisa and how well she has settled into her role and how she deals with the challenges she faces in work. Well done Larisa, keep up the good work.

Richard Jones – Dolgellau

Richard was nominated for Carer of The Month for his continued resilience and dedication to the clients he supports.

Wendy Ellis – Prestatyn

Wendy has been nominated for taking time out to attend a hospital visit during the night with a client. Wendy always listens and respects the views of all of the clients that she supports. Wendy has such a calming manner that she is able to reduce challenging behaviours from occurring in some of our complex clients. Wendy always ensures that she does everything she can to withhold the customers dignity.

Gillian Lashbrooke – Wirral

Gill is very cheery and puts a smile on her client’s faces with every visit. She provides a high level of care to all her clients and has been a committed member of the Allied team for 4 years.

Susan Forster – Durham

Sue has been with the company a staggering 17 years. Sue is greatly respected by both her colleagues and branch staff and regularly shows her qualities as a leader when supporting our clients. Our client’s NOK wanted to take the time to acknowledge Sue saying:

“Sue is the longest standing carer we have for our son. Over many years Sue has been outstanding in the care she has provided for our son. Sue has always remained professional in her caring role. We hold her in the highest esteem and know that our young man is in safe hands when being cared for by Sue, enabling us to take time for ourselves. Our son has built an amazing relationship with Sue which is not easy for someone as profoundly disabled. Sue has always been and continues to be an asset, not only to our package but to Allied as a whole. A carer in the truest sense of the word. Our thanks and respect go to Sue, the world cannot have enough Sue’s”

Congratulations Sue!

Janefer Nakato – Leeds

Janefer has shown tremendous dedication and care for her client in recent weeks and has now seamlessly transitioned into a new package and is performing very well in her new environment.

Lana Allum – Basildon

Lana has developed an amazing bond with the client in her care. She does everything she can to ensure that excellent, consistent care is always given and huge smiles daily on her clients face.

Beaty Hove – Brighton & Hove

A huge well done to Beaty for her patience and expertise in ensuring a smooth transition with a very anxious client returning home from a psychiatric hospital which she has been in for 18 months. You have made such a difference and your empathy has been outstanding.

Jamie Wilson – Liphook

Following a client review the client expressed that the Jamie was the care assistant one who went above and beyond in his role. He feels comfortable with Jamie and said that he is very respectful to him and always does extra things that are needed without ask. He went on to say that Jamie listens to him and is respectful and non-judgemental. He has been reluctant to having carers in the past but feels supported by Jamie and they have a good laugh and joke. Whilst at the visit Jamie came in to do the client’s lunch, he was respectful and asked what he would like and gave several choices of meals. He conduct care in a person centred way whilst promoting independence.

Lilian Idahosa – Reigate

Lilian consistently delivers excellent care and will always cover whenever needed to ensure care is received. The family are delighted with the care Lilian provides.

David Keen – Bournemouth

David has shown great leadership and listening skills. Whilst supporting two clients who live at the same address, he noticed that their main carer was not well. David took ownership of the situation and after ensuring the client’s needs were met, he reported the condition of their main carer. This prevented a situation where the clients would have been left without sufficient care and maintained their well-being.

Rex Panaligan – Peterborough

Rex works in the extra care scheme, he takes it upon himself to cover shifts to ensure all clients’ needs are meet and they are safe and well until his colleague returns. His leadership skills are second to none, he is always pleasant and courteous to everyone and is well liked by staff and clients.

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