Change Career, Change Lives: Wendy’s story

Posted about 3 years ago

After working as an ice cream lady for 16 years and then as a Customer Services Assistant at Mcdonald’s, Wendy decided after more than 20 years in the retail sector she would become a Support Worker. Wendy spoke to us and explained why she swapped the ice cream van to become a Support Worker with Allied Healthcare.

Wendy spotted an advert for a Support Worker at Allied Healthcare and instantly wanted the job. “I remember seeing the advert and I just knew it was something I wanted to do. It sounded so rewarding but I never thought I would get the job because I had no experience.”

Before starting as a Support Worker, Wendy completed an induction and shadowing programme. “The shadowing part of my training really prepared me for the role. It was quite scary at first, but everyone was friendly and encouraging.

“The shadowing is hands on, so I was able to put into practice what I had learnt in the training sessions. It is a role where you are always learning and even now, I’m continuing to develop my skills.”

Since starting her role in the social care sector, Wendy believes her previous jobs in retail has helped her as a Support Worker.

“I never really thought I would have the skills to be a Support Worker but, having worked in the job, I realise that my customer service and communication skills have definitely helped me in my role. It has opened my eyes and I’ve realised I have more skills than I thought I had.”

Wendy believes one of the best parts of her job is the relationships she builds with the service users. In her previous jobs, although she met many people, she didn’t have the chance to get to know them and make a difference in their lives.

She explained: “It’s nice to be able to get to know your customers because I spend most of my day with them. In my other roles, although I see regular customers at McDonald’s, I don’t get the chance to know them.

“The relationships you build with your clients are special; they depend on you and you make a difference to them every day.

“It’s a great feeling knowing you are making them comfortable and giving them everything they need to have a fulfilling life. When you see them with a huge smile on their face you get such a rewarding feeling, and that is what makes the job so amazing.”

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