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Enablement care

Enablement care helps you to learn new skills or relearn existing ones, so you can maximise your long-term independence, choice and quality of life.

It gives you extra support while you recover from an operation or illness, and can also benefit people with dementia or physical difficulties. Our specially-trained care workers work with you at home, so you regain the confidence and ability to do things yourself.

Enablement care that achieves your goals

Our enablement care treats you as an individual. We establish the outcomes you want to achieve and set a deadline for reaching them. This delivers better results than indefinite care with no particular aims. In fact, when we tested our approach, we found that nearly two thirds of people who received our enablement care needed no ongoing care services after just six weeks.

We also work closely with community, hospital and social care teams, support workers and senior care co-ordinators, who share our vision of improving your outcomes. Our goal is for our enablement care to help you live independently, while reducing your on-going care costs.

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If you think you need enablement care, call our advisers today to find out how we can help you – 0800 542 1078*.

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Watch our video to find out more.

Watch our video to find out more.

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