Allied Healthcare’s Carterton branch takes on a Mile in May

Posted about 1 year ago

Allied Healthcare’s Carterton branch is taking on a Mile in May to raise money for Macmillan.

The team of four – Branch Manager Cara, Care Coordinator Linda, Field Care Supervisor Lucy and Administrator Melanie are donning their trainers to walk a mile a day throughout May in a bid to raise £1000 for the charity.

Speaking to Cara before the challenge, she said: “I decided to take part in Mile in May for many reasons. I have had personal experience with my Dad, he died at home from cancer. He was heavily supported by a service like Macmillan so he could fulfil his wish of staying at home. Melanie has jumped on board because she has had a personal experience dealing with cancer with her husband – this is a charity close to our hearts.’’

“I understand how important these services are to the community, they support families emotionally and also provide practical support to ensure people can remain at home.

“In my role at Allied Healthcare, I work closely with Macmillan and Sobell House in Oxford when we provide palliative care so have the experience of seeing it first-hand. These services solely rely on donations.

“It is important to the branch that we support the charities that we work alongside and those organisations who supports conditions that we see daily with our clients.”

Despite running a homecare branch and juggling their family life and other commitments, the team is keen to make the time to rise to the challenge.

According to the team, who are usually working in an office and sitting most of the day being active does not come easy to them so they are signing up for a walking challenge to push them to be active.

Cara explained: “Anyone who knows me knows I usually take the car than walk anywhere I go, so this is going to be a challenge for me!

“We are very much a family in the Carterton branch so to take the time to do this together as a team makes it even more special. I am hopeful we can reach our target and show the local community the importance of Macmillan and their services.”

Cara’s dad wrote his daughters a poem before he passed away. Cara explained: “This is why I am trying to raise money for Macmillan. Without these services we could not of had every waking moment in my dad’s final months with him at home, as he would have had no one to manage his pain and manage other specialist equipment.

“Every penny helps. Memories are what are left, and time is precious.”

For My Girls

Will you walk with me a while?

Take my hand and make me smile

Let me tell you how I love and adore you

How you captured my heart the moment I saw you

You give me strength and make me complete

You give me hope in the face of defeat

My pride in watching how you grow, your life, your love and radiant glow

Watching you become a mother, adoring how you love each other

These precious moments from the start forever etched inside my heart

My darling, precious, baby girls I hope that you will stay, Daddy’s girls forever as I love you more each day.

Good luck to the Carterton branch! Keep an eye on our social media for updates during the month!

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