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75-year-old gentleman, married to Dorothy for 50 years.

Allied Healthcare Ernie care userEx-navy marine Ernie had a stroke 14 years ago and now requires assistance with walking and general day-to-day activities. He lives at home with his wife, Dorothy and their cat, Daisy. Ernie gets a visit from his carer every day to help him out of bed and get him settled in front of the TV. He used to spend lots of time with his brother Ron. Since his stroke he has been unable to do some of the activities that they used to enjoy together.


73-year-old lady, married to Ernie for 50 years.

Allied healthcare care user Dorothy

Following Ernie’s stroke, Dorothy struggled to look after him as her own health naturally deteriorated with age. She now uses a walking stick to help her stay on her feet. Dorothy still enjoys growing prize-winning tomatoes in her greenhouse though! She lives at home with Ernie and their cat, Daisy. Ernie’s carer also helps Dorothy prepare the meals for the day as she still loves to cook.


68-year-old gentleman, brother of Ernie.

Ron care user with Allied Healthcare

Ron’s wife Liz passed away in 2002 so he started spending more time with his brother Ernie. Following Ernie’s stroke, Ron started to feel lonely. The brothers were unable to do some of the activities they used to enjoy together. Two years ago, when his health deteriorated, Ron moved into an Allied Extra Care Scheme. He still had his own space, but never felt alone. He started spending time with the other residents at cinema club on Tuesdays and enjoying a boogie at line dancing class on Thursdays.


12-year-old boy

Young lad Joe Allied Healthcare care user

Joe is a keen footballer and avid supporter of his local team, Stafford Rangers. He was diagnosed with autism when he was three years old. Joe’s family wanted to ensure that he grew up alongside children his own age, in the same environment as them. His carer has established a routine that he has now familiarised himself with. Joe now enjoys time at the park, arts and crafts and a weekly scout meeting.


32-year-old lady

Allied Healthcare care user Alicia

Earlier this year, Alicia was involved in a serious multi-vehicle collision on the motorway. She spent several weeks in hospital recovering. Alicia is now on a reablement programme and adapting to life in a wheelchair. This is something she is tackling head on by joining the local wheelchair basketball and tennis teams. Alicia lives alone, so her carer has helped to ensure her home is accessible. This means she can still be independent in day to day life.


19-year-old gentleman

Allied Healthcare customer Adam

Adam has always had a keen interest in computers. He struggled to develop his skills as there were very few courses available for individuals with a learning disability. Adam’s carer has provided the support and guidance that he needed to use his laptop proficiently. This has enabled Adam to email his friend in Australia and upload pictures to Facebook of his beloved dog Jasper.


70-year-old lady


A keen reader and writer, Reeta spent most of her working life as a librarian where she enjoyed chatting with the customers and sharing her favourite book recommendations. Several years ago she started to notice that she was becoming increasingly forgetful and it became apparent that Reeta had early on-set dementia when her family had to intervene. Now Reeta’s carer visits twice a day to help her stay in a routine and ensure that she stays safe and active.

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A hospital, supermarket, bank, bingo hall, coffee shop and The Allied Inn pub to name a few. Allied Street has many of the places that we know the people we care for need or simply continue to enjoy with our help. Just past the park, there is even an Extra Care Scheme and Allied branch.

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