What is the Gender Pay Gap?

The Gender Pay & Bonus Gap is the average difference between Male & Female pay, based on the mean and median averages of statistical data.

Mean is the average amount between men & women’s hourly pay taken as a snapshot on the 5th April every year, with the mean bonus being the total of all bonus paid in that year.

Put simply: if we add together all our male employee data and calculate the average, then add together all our female employee data and calculate the average, the mean pay gap (as a %) is the difference in pay between the two. 

Median is the midpoint of all the data; if all our male employees and all our female employees stood in a line, in order of lowest hourly rate, the median pay gap (as a %) is the difference in pay between the middle salary on both genders.


Please Note: The Gender Pay gap is different to Equal Pay – Equal pay deals with the difference between men and women who carry out the same job role, similar job or work of equal value


Our 2022 Results

Percentage of our workforce is as follows:

Male – 16%

Female – 84% (Male up 4% and Female up 2% on 2021 figures)


Difference between Men and Women


Mean: 1.5%

Median: -1.00%

(Mean is down by 2.60% from April 2021 and Median is down 4.4%)



Mean: N/A

Median: N/A

(Not Applicable)

Pay Quartiles

What are the pay quartiles?

Quartiles are the pay rates for all our employees-  from the lowest hourly rate to the highest, by gender.

Employees are split equally into 4 groups


Male: 11.11%

Female: 88.89%

(Female % is up by 7.19% from April 2021)


Upper Middle

Male: 15.97%

Female: 84.03%

(Female % is down by 2.07% from April 2021)



Male: 11.81%

Female: 88.19%

(Female % is up by 5.49% from April 2021)


Lower Middle

Male: 15.97%

Female: 84.03%

(Female % is up by .63% from April 2021)


Results & Commitment

In 2017 the Government made it mandatory for all large companies to report their Gender Pay Gap. We welcome this move as it continues to be an important step towards a diverse & inclusive workforce.

We are fully committed in improving the gender diversity in our business. As a healthcare provider offering flexible, part time working opportunities, a high % of our workforce continues to be women. 

Our front line employees equate to 97% of our workforce 

Gender equality is really important to us and we continue to look at ways to increase our male workforce, especially on the front line


What are we doing to address our Gender Pay Gap?

  • Introducing a Diversity, Equality and Inclusion committee who will lead the agenda within the organisation, and hold themselves and others accountable for progress
  • Conducting manager workshops on diversity and inclusion, covering the key concepts and importance of equity initiatives
  • Ensure our job adverts and descriptions use unbiased language to encourage all genders to apply for jobs at Cera 
  • Ensuring a gender balance on our recruitment panels
  • Provide leadership training on the menopause; the symptoms, how Menopause can affect women at work, and how to provide support to employees

All information supplied has been verified by Annabel Nash, Chief People Officer

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